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WEBMAIO appears in 2006 dedicated to Internet solutions for companies as well as online marketing of web content hosting services, domains and network applications. We provide you with shared web hosting services, cloud computing applications, management applications and also low cost solutions for local area networks.

    We also have the Web-Design service to create projects of root or restructuring.

    Talk to us and you will see that we have solutions of economy and quality!

We have at your disposal 24h / day two WebStore's WebMaio brand where you can view and purchase products we sell:

    At WebMaio and in the WebStore directory we sell IT products, small household appliances and household cleaning and hygiene products.
    At ClimatizaStore managed by WebMaio, we sell Climatization and other construction related products and domestic cleaning and hygiene products.

In both stores the customer only uses an account and personal access login.

In both stores we have plans that accumulate points to buy products that are bought by points, discounts of 5% to 35% in products related to the corresponding plan and offer of services for professionals.

In both stores we have the service of the demand and offer system. Private customers seek and ask for quotes and professionals promote their products and services.

Get to know our quotation system by adding the items to the cart for quotation request and after being reviewed by the store administrator and submitted to the customer again by analyzing the customer or rejects the budget or approves converting to order.

    Satisfaction rate of 98% in our more than 19,000 customers.

For merchants who want to expand their Online Business we have the best E-commerce software / Online Store! With more than 300 integration modules for example integration with the online billing system, Email Marketing, Paypal Paypal | PayShop | ATM, and more! It is an open source software that allows the possibility of implementing modules according to the needs of the clients.




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